Eric Schaer thrives on creating unique, healthy pizzas for his customers ; and with the success of his newly opened pizza shop, he feels like he is living the American dream.

Eric Schaer has embraced his restaurant’s popularity among local college students by keeping his doors open late. Eric Schaer attributes much of his success to the patronage of this demographic.

Eric Schaer’s menu is elevated to gourmet status by his inventive specialty pizzas , like his Mexican black bean pizza with spicy poblano peppers.

Local college students have become an integral part of Eric Schaer’s customer base , making Pizza Plus a late night dining hot spot. Eric Schaer plans to establish a second location in a few years.

Eric Schaer has realized his longtime dream of opening a pizza shop . Pizza Plus opened its doors only a few months ago, but has quickly ranked among the top restaurants in Eric Schaer’s hometown.

Eric Schaer Realizes Dream Of Opening A Pizza Shop

Posted by Admin | September 27th, 2011

It has always been a dream of Eric Schaer’s to open a pizza shop in his hometown; and with the successful opening of Pizza Plus in Ohio, he has finally accomplished his goal. A hit among the health-conscious and food savvy, Eric Schaer’s restaurant has rapidly become the go-to source for gourmet pizza.

Providing customers with all-natural, unique pizzas made with fresh, organic ingredients is the central focus of Eric Schaer’s latest business venture. Customers can be sure to find all the classic pizza toppings at Pizza Plus, including pepperoni, sausage and mushroom. But for those who enjoy trying new flavor combinations, Eric Schaer has created inventive specialty pizzas like a Mexican black bean pizza with poblano peppers and juicy tomatillos. His roasted veggie pizza has received rave reviews from vegetarian customers, with its juicy marinated eggplant and roasted red peppers.

Eric Schaer has created a menu of culinary treasures, made exclusively from local, organic meats, cheeses and vegetables. Pizza Plus has quickly become a late night dining hot spot for the local college student set, who appreciate the use of healthy ingredients and the late operating hours.

Based upon the early success of Pizza Plus, Eric Schaer has already begun scouting locations for a second Pizza Plus restaurant. If his current restaurant continues its phenomenal success, he hopes to open the second location in a few years.

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